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Sun, 30 Aug 2015

Mullah Krekar convicted of threats – acquitted of terror

Norway Today
Mullah Krekar is in the Borgarting Court of Appeal sentenced to imprisonment for two years and ten months for threats.

He is acquitted of incitement to terror.

The verdict came Thursday afternoon. "He is acquitted of everything related to terror, but convicted of one count of threats and to have tried to influence the court, says defense lawyer Arvid Sjødin.

Krekar is also ordered to pay 130,000 dollars to the people who were threatened.

The Prosecutor's statement was seven years in prison, while the defense lawyers asked for full acquittal. His lawyer does not hide that he is pleased that the prosecutors did not get approval for the charge of terrorism.


So far it is not decided whether they will appeal against the judgment.


The man who calls himself "Mullah Krekar” is Kurd from northern Iraq, He was born on 7. July 1956 and named Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad. He came to Norway in 1991 as a quota refugee. His wife and four children are also living in Norway.

In 2003 it was decided that Krekar should be expelled from Norway in in the interest of national security. In 2005, the Oslo District Court stated that the decision to expel him was valid, the Supreme Court confirmed in 2007. The decision has not been affected because Iraq can't guarantee that he won't get the death penalty if he is returned.

Krekar has since 8. December 2006 stood at the UN terrorist list.



Source : NTB scanpix


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